Family Story

Local Family in a Home of Their Own


Graciela, Efrain, and their 3 children rented a four-bedroom Redwood City home.

Unfortunately, to afford the rent on the home, they rented out 2 of the 4 bedrooms. So their family of 5 lived in only two bedrooms. After qualifying and completing their sweat equity hours, their family moved into their Habitat home over the summer of 2021.

Graciela, an office manager, explained, “we work hard for our money and being able to save as we pay the mortgage makes us feel more stable and fulfilled. The no-down payment and 0% loan from Habitat is a blessing as we will save money for an emergency and this makes our lives less stressful.”

Moving out of a rental into a home they own has many advantages. Graciela said, “In this home I hope to see my children grow and make memories. My girls have their own space.  We are able to live on our own and still afford the mortgage payment.” The family will have no more need to share their home in order to afford it.

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Our goal has always been to be able to buy a home and even though we have tried we never qualified in the Bay Area. The opportunity to own a home in the Peninsula has been a dream come true.




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