Building and Sustaining Homeownership

Habitat Greater San Francisco serves families in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties.


Our Mission

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco builds homes and sustains affordable homeownership opportunities for families in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties. Our values focus on building partnerships, equity, stability, and legacy.


Central to everything we do.

is a value that we hold in everything we do at Habitat. It is at the crux of how we work with our families, volunteers, communities, and cities. You see our partnerships in action in the way we approach sweat equity with Habitat families, mobilize volunteers, and work with communities to design our developments to fit in with the local neighborhood.


The outcome of homeownership.

is one of the most prominent outcomes of affordable homeownership. Stability is the first word you hear from Habitat homeowners as both an immediate and long-term impact of their home and has reverberations in many aspects of their lives, from their children’s ability to succeed in school to their capacity to put money aside for the future.


Access to homeownership and wealth

has a dual meaning: the access to homeownership for families who have historically been excluded, and the wealth built through homeownership. Equity is significant for each family, now able to grow their nest egg, but it is also important in the larger picture of closing the economic and opportunity gaps often formed because of unequal access to homeownership.


The value of longevity for families.

is the value of longevity for the individual homeowners and their families as a whole. Legacy brings together the partnership, equity, and stability values of our model and epitomizes the generational impact anchor. When families start building equity, wealth transfer occurs and long-term roots are established.

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