Cristina’s Path to Family Stability


Q. When did you move into your Habitat home? What was that like? How are your kids and your mom settling in?

A. I live with my Husband Allan, and my two kids and we’ve lived in the Bay Area for over twenty-two years. We also provide care and housing to my 82 years old mother as well. I work as a hospital unit services coordinator, and Allan works in the hospitality industry as a housekeeper.

We were living in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment in Daly City. Waking up at odd hours a day in order to get ready for work, without waking our children seems to become a greater challenge for us, as they are old enough to begin to understand why both my husband and I have to work inconsistent work hours to just cover our monthly expenses.

We’ve been living in our Habitat home for two months now and we’re settled into our new home. Now it’s great being close to family, friends, and the nice weather in Daly City.


Q. What was it like applying for a Habitat home? How did you feel when you found out you were selected?

A. The family and I were “jumping for joy” when we found out we were selected. My kids were excited to finally have their own rooms, especially since we used to share a 1-bedroom apartment. It was tight for us to share, and my kids didn’t have much space for remote learning.


Q. Have there been any surprises since you moved into your home?

A. We were pleasantly surprised that our electricity bill is much lower with solar energy, and pleased to have a nice washer and dryer.

Q. How has life changed since moving into your Habitat home?

A. We feel more comfortable at home now that we have more space and privacy. We are very proud to be Habitat homeowners.


Q. Is there anything else about your Habitat experience that you would like to share?

A. The sweat equity process is a great way to learn and be a part in building our new home and the homes of others. It has been impactful for me and my family. We’ve really enjoyed learning about the small details that go into building a home, like painting, installing handles in the bathroom, digging in the backyard, and building the fence in the backyard. We feel more connected with our home, especially since we were so heavily involved in the construction process. Now we feel more empowered to make small repairs on our home, given the experience gained during the sweat equity process.


We want to live here for the rest of our lives and share our experience with others, so that they may have the opportunity to own a home that we’re so proud of.




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