Home Resales

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco’s (Habitat GSF) model ensures that the homes we build continue to be affordable, even after the original Habitat homeowner is ready to sell and move on to their next home. Perhaps a homeowner is ready for a market rate home, want to move to be nearer their children and grandchildren, or they get a new job.

Affordable Housing Continuum

When a homeowner is ready to sell their home, Habitat GSF has the first right of refusal on buying back the home, this is called a resale. The home is refurbished, with the help of our partners, volunteers and new homeowners completing sweat equity. The home is then ready for a new family to move in and become homeowners. Thus we ensure the home remains affordable for future generations of families.

Resale at Habitat Way

In the summer of 2021, Habitat GSF bought back a Habitat home in Daly City. Learn more about the families who have called this house home, and the many partners we have worked alongside us to get the home ready for it’s new owners.

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