Our Amber Drive Home Dedication

Celebrating more affordable homeownership opportunities in San Francisco.

In the heart of San Francisco, a beacon of hope emerged in the Diamond Heights neighborhood with the Amber Drive Key Ceremony on December 2, 2023. Orchestrated by Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, this event marked a significant advancement in the continuing mission of creating more affordable housing opportunities in the Bay Area. The eight families that are moving into this newly constructed multi-family development gathered to celebrate a pivotal moment – their new journey as homeowners, challenging the established narrative in one of America’s most expensive housing markets.


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Maureen Sedonaen, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, shared her vision for the future, “We’re going to double the number of homes that we’ve built, and we’re going to build 250 more homes across our three-county region.” Her words reflect the organization’s commitment to significantly impact the housing crisis.

The ceremony was more than just a handover of keys; it was a celebration of community collaboration, involving volunteers, local leaders, and the new homeowners. It exemplified how concerted action and dedication can create tangible results in affordable housing within challenging urban environments.

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A central figure in this transformative project was Mischa Seligman, whose generous land donation enabled the development of the Amber Drive homes. His contribution, honoring his mother’s love for San Francisco, was a significant act of community spirit. It transformed a single property into a thriving community of eight eco-friendly homes, each a symbol of hope and a testament to the enduring spirit of giving and community support.

Sedonaen highlighted the stability these homes provide, saying, “They know what their mortgage payment is going to be. No one’s going to come in and tell them that they’re sorry, but they’ve sold their building and they have to move one more time.” Her comments underscore the value of homeownership in offering security and peace of mind, countering the uncertainties prevalent in the rental market.

Amber Drive construction completed!

The architectural prowess of Kerman Morris Architects was crucial to the project’s success, blending aesthetics with sustainability and affordability. The dedication ceremony thus symbolized hope and the fruition of a shared dream, more than just a simple celebration.

As Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco forges ahead, the Amber Drive Home Dedication stands as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved through community and collaboration in addressing housing affordability challenges. Sedonaen’s aspiration, “to make more and more of this happen right here in the Bay Area,” serves as an inspiration and a call to action, propelling efforts towards a more inclusive housing market.

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