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Debra is a retired schoolteacher and currently a facilitator supporting families caring for other people’s children. Debra, along with her two grandchildren aged seven and eight for whom she is a guardian, will soon move into their Habitat Greater San Francisco home on Amber Drive.

Having lived here since 1969, San Francisco is home to Debra. She was raised here and raised her children here. Sadly, two of her adult children have passed away, so remaining in San Francisco is particularly important to Debra, as she told us, “My memories are here for my kids. And it’s not a day that passes that I pass by a location or somewhere that reminds me of them. So, that’s why I’m really grateful for this opportunity to be able to have my own house and to have a legacy for my grandchildren.”

Debra Amber Grandchildren

It’s been a challenge to be able to afford to remain in the city of San Francisco. Previously, Debra moved out to Emeryville and South San Francisco, but always ended up back in the city she loves, San Francisco, where her network is and where she had more support in caring for her grandchildren. As Debra told us, “Being a homeowner is going to be so much more secure, is going to be the beginning of a legacy for not only my grandchildren, but I’m hoping for future generations.”

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Debra has tried other affordable housing routes but found that as a senior who is also the caregiver to young children, her options were limited. As Debra said about her home search, “with this opportunity with Habitat Greater San Francisco, I am included, my family is included. And not only that, but I will also be surrounded by other families. So, it is definitely the missing piece.”

Along with those future neighbor families, Debra has undertaken her sweat equity. A core element of the Habitat Greater San Francisco homeownership model, where future homeowners work alongside volunteers to help build their homes and those of their neighbors. Debra was grateful for this opportunity, saying, “I’m grateful I went through the process and even having the opportunity to do the sweat equity has been a real exciting experience just to be able to go look at the property and see how it’s changed and progressed.”

Beyond being able to remain in San Francisco, homeownership is very meaningful for Debra, she stated, “It’s a sense of pride. I feel more stable. I feel more secure. You know, I am a retired person, but most of my friends that are homeowners, they’ve left the city. So, I’m just so excited to be a homeowner and to be in San Francisco.”

Debra along with her grandchildren, and the other seven families will be moving into their Diamond Heights homes in the coming months.

Debra in hard hat

“Being a homeowner is going to be so much more secure, is going to be the beginning of a legacy for not only my grandchildren, but I’m hoping for future generations.”

– Debra, future Habitat GSF homeowner

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