Dear Friend of Habitat,

Yesterday, we all received the news that the verdict had been returned in the George Floyd murder case. This verdict brings with it accountability for the reprehensible actions of murder by a police officer, Derek Chauvin.

Sadly, it does not bring George Floyd back to his loved ones, but I do hope calls forth a renewed sense of passion and conviction in all of us to continue the fight for reformative justice and consistent standards of accountability.

As I was reminded this morning by my colleague, Jonathan Reckford, CEO at HFHI it is important to acknowledge directly those carrying this burden once again. You are not alone.

I want to say to our Black homeowners, HGSF staff, Board members, volunteers, partners, and supporters, I know this has been an extraordinary burden and often a traumatic and devastating year dealing with the pain and events that this incident and so many others have brought to you. As your ally, I will remain committed to hearing you, listening, learning, and working hard to model what you deserve as we walk together in healing and push for change. I will show up, even when its hard and stay the duration.

So many people are in my prayerful intentions today.

In community,

Maureen Sedonaen CEO, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

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