San Francisco, C.A. – December 12, 2023 – Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, a leading nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable homeownership opportunities and combating displacement, welcomed two local families into their new homes in Bolinas and began construction on several more prefab projects in the Bay Area. This unique collaboration is in partnership with Villa, the largest builder of prefabricated homes in California, and Bolinas Community Land Trust,  a non-profit organization dedicated to creating, preserving, and sustaining long-term affordable housing within the Bolinas-Stinson Unified School District.


In Bolinas, housing expenses exceed the national average by 201%. In recent years, more than 50 homes have been removed from the long-term rental market, instead being marketed as short-term Airbnb rentals and vacation homes. This shift has created a challenging situation for Bolinas residents who can no longer afford to live in their existing school districts or stay within a reasonable distance of their jobs. To combat this displacement, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, Villa, and Bolinas Community Land Trust have completed construction on a series of detached housing units using prefabricated construction methods.

“Through our partnership with Villa and Bolinas Community Land Trust, we are helping local families stay in the community they know and love. These are families with preschool-aged children who can now put down roots and build equity that will last for generations. It is a model we are excited to explore across the Bay Area to get families into much-needed homes,” shares Maureen Sedonaen, CEO of Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco.

Prefab construction offers a host of advantages. Prefab streamlines the building process which ultimately means that more families can be served in a shorter period of time. Furthermore, the controlled environment of prefab construction minimizes weather-related delays, ensuring consistent quality and precision in every housing unit. This new approach also allows for less on-site waste and efficient use of materials and has the major benefit of creating minimal disruption to nearby families, since they are built offsite and the onsite installation is relatively fast.

By embracing prefab construction, these organizations are not only increasing their capacity to create affordable homes but also pioneering an innovative way to address the housing crisis. This remarkable project is the first of many planned prefab developments aimed at addressing the pressing need for affordable housing and ensuring access to safe, stable homes for individuals and families in the Greater San Francisco area and beyond. The success of this project reflects the dedication, perseverance, and collective effort of all involved parties.

“Villa is proud to have played a small part in bringing more affordable housing to the Bolinas community, and we are confident that our innovative prefab construction methods will serve as a model for tackling this pressing issue on a broader scale over time,” shares Sean Roberts, Villa CEO. “Together, we are building not just homes but hope, ensuring that the dream of homeownership remains within reach for those who need it most.”


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