3496 Rolison Road

Applications have closed for this home. Lottery results can be found below.

If you have applied for this home you will be notified via email with your lottery ID number. Please note that we are not responsible for email going to your spam/junk folder. We encourage you to keep monitoring this page and following us on social media to stay up to date.

Lottery Results

1 000206290002073414 0002078521 0002065428 0002080235 0002062142 0002066049 0002072856 0002054763 00020635
000206298 0002077515 0002060422 0002062729 0002071336 0002066743 0002058950 0002065257 0002070964 00020721
000208240002057016 0002071523 0002056530 0002079737 0002058444 0002071151 0002054358 0002068365 00020841
0002067110 0002083917 0002067524 0002073631 0002090938 0002066245 0002061652 0002060059 00020861
0002061411 0002093118 0002076625 0002074632 0002091139 0002067946 0002059453 0002065060 00020754
0002054912 0002070319 0002057826 0002070133 0002075940 0002071947 0002085954 0002074161 00020691
0002083113 0002058020 0002056127 0002055434 0002057241 0002081048 0002063255 0002055162 00020822

About the home

  • 3496 Rolison Road, Redwood City
  • 924 square feet
  • 2 Bedrooms 1 Bath
  • Homeowners Association
  • Parking
  • Dishwasher, washer, dryer, stove/oven, refrigerator

Requirements to apply

Applicants must meet our income and credit guidelines, in addition to other requirements, such as being willing and able to perform 250 hours of sweat equity (volunteer hours) at a construction site, by attending workshops, as well as volunteering in other Habitat programs.

The selection process includes a review of your finances and credit, employment history, residency, and other qualifications.

If you have applied for a Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco home in the past, you will need to submit a new application for this home. All applications that are received on time and filled out completely will be entered into a lottery. Please only submit one application per household; multiple applications are reason for immediate disqualification. The lottery ONLY determines the order in which your application will be reviewed. It does not guarantee you a home.

  • Must have a minimum credit score of 650
  • Must have history of reliable payments on credit report
  • Must be willing to complete 250 hours of sweat equity
  • Applicants must be first time homebuyers and have not owned a residential property in the last 3 years
  • Applicants must have a total debt-to-income ratio below 45%
  • Must be permanent residents or US Citizens
  • Must live in incorporated Redwood City at the time of application
  • Must be a household of 3-5 to qualify
  • Gross household income must be within the following ranges:

San Mateo County Area Median Income 2021

Household Size HUD AMI%12345
40% AMI – Minimum$51,200$58,500$65,800$73,100$78,950
50% AMI – Maximum$63,950$73,100$82,250$91,350$98,700

If you have any questions, please contact the Homeowner Development Department at HDDIntake@HabitatGSF.org or 415-625-1041.


What if I don't meet all the eligibility criteria?

We encourage you to apply and let us determine your eligibility.

What is "Sweat Equity"?

Habitat GSF requires all potential buyers to complete sweat equity (up to 500 volunteer hours). The requirement for 3496 Rolison Road, a previously built home, is 250 hours.

You can get help with your sweat equity by having friends and family volunteer with you.

Sweat equity is not designed to be a barrier; we work with each family to ensure they finish their sweat equity in a safe and timely manner.

What is the HOA responsible for?

Maintaining and repairing common areas (homeowners are responsible for repairs in their units).

Will I need to pay my own utilities or will the HOA pay them?

You are responsible for paying for your own utilities.

Are there monthly HOA fees?

Yes, fees are subject to change annually.

Is there parking?

Yes, parking is included.

How does the lottery work?

Applicants will be given a unique ID number via email

On March 14, 2022 we will conduct the lottery. Attendance is optional.

Applicants’ IDs will be randomized and given a spot in the lottery starting with #1.

We will invite applicants to complete the full application based on lottery number. For example, the applicant who gets lottery #1 will be the first person invited to complete the full application. We will go down our list in lottery order until the unit is filled by a qualified buyer.

Lottery results will be posted on our website and applicants will be notified of their number by email.

What is considered an asset?

Checking and savings accounts

Retirement accounts/401(k)s

Stocks and bonds


Are pets allowed?

Yes, limits may apply.

Do I have to have a co-applicant to apply?

No. Please keep in mind that applicants will become legal title holders and will be responsible for making all monthly payments on time.

Will Habitat Greater San Francisco be my landlord?

No, Habitat GSF is only the lender as this is not a rental unit.

If I applied for a Habitat GSF home in the past and I was not selected, do I need to reapply?

Yes, you will need to reapply. Please note, Habitat GSF does a new, random lottery each time new homes become available.

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