Lottery Results

Dear applicants, please note that every application received by the deadline has an application ID number. The lottery results simply reflect the order in which we will review your application. Your application may be disqualified upon actual review of your application. We’ll reach out to you requesting additional documents and information upon review of your application. If an application is disqualified, we will then review the next application in line, following the order of the lottery numbers (1,2,3, and so on). We have a total of 226 applications – and have 3 homes for sale.

Although we are very thankful that all of you have applied, we understand that the majority of our applicants will not get a home this application period. We strongly encourage everyone to apply for our upcoming developments in 2020. Every applicant will be notified when future applications are available for the upcoming developments. Thank you again for your interest, and best of luck!