Faith Partners

Putting Faith Into Action

At Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco, we are driven to put faith into action by creating pathways to affordable homeownership and neighborhood revitalization. We believe that by mobilizing neighbors of all different beliefs and backgrounds, we can come together to provide local families with a springboard to secure, stable futures.

“We must put faith and love into action to make them real, to make them come alive for people.” – Millard Fuller, Co-Founder of Habitat for Humanity

PRAY. Lift up Habitat’s mission of building and renovating affordable houses with and for people in need.

VOLUNTEER. Mobilize a volunteer group from your congregation to build and repair homes, and revitalize neighborhoods in Marin, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties. Sign up to volunteer.

GIVE. Make a financial commitment to support the foundation of our efforts through a special offering, mission grant, or giving day. Learn more.

ADVOCATE Become a Faith Ambassador to take on a leadership role in Habitat’s housing solutions, and encourage your congregation’s youth to join our Junior Faith Ambassadors program. Join our dialogue about affordable housing issues in the Bay Area and inspire a passion for change in your congregation. Help us spread the word about our programs and services to individuals and families in need of critical home repairs or seeking affordable first-time homeownership.

Faith Ambassador Program

Driven by faith and compassion for all people, Faith Ambassadors are key advocates for affordable homeownership in the Bay Area. Faith Ambassadors serve as liaisons between their faith organizations and Habitat  Greater San Francisco, spearheading opportunities for volunteerism, advocacy, funding, and new avenues for partnership.

Ambassadors meet every other month to engage in dialogue about advancing Habitat’s mission as advocates for affordable homeownership and housing equity.

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Habitat’s Students of Faith program gives spiritually-minded youth the opportunity to put their love of God into action in their communities. Students of Faith will become powerful advocates for Habitat’s mission of building families’ and communities’ futures through affordable homeownership and neighborhood revitalization, learning and practicing the skills they need to care for all God’s people.

“Rendering help to another is the function of all human beings.”
Jainism—Tattvarthasutra 5.21

“All men are responsible for one another.”
Judaism—Talmud, Sanhedrin 27b

“The best of men are those who are useful to others.”
Islam—Hadith of Bukhari

“Let no one seek his own good, but the good of his neighbor.”
Christianity—1 Corinthians 10.24

By designing and carrying out a service project under the mentorship of the Habitat Volunteer Services team, students will work to inspire their congregations in the cause of housing equity and justice. Students can mobilize volunteers or plan fundraisers in their faith communities, or create their own ways to raise awareness for the challenges Habitat faces and the new beginnings it provides to local families.


– Personalized service projects in preparation for religious coming-of-age milestones, such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and confirmation

– Personalized service projects in preparation for religious coming-of-age milestones, such as Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and confirmation

– Opportunities for academic credit for high school students (in cooperation with the Student Ambassador Program)

Hands-on experience in the non-profit sector and exposure to careers that revolve around creating positive change for families and communities


Lee Hightower

Please be sure to include:

why you’re interested in the Students of Faith program

description of your service project idea

what you hope to gain from being a Student of Faith

congregation/faith group

your date of birth

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