A message from our CEO

june 4, 2020

Dear Friends, Supporters, Homeowners, Partners and Colleagues,

On behalf of all of us, I want to share with you that at Habitat Greater San Francisco our hearts ache during this time. We are constantly awash with a range of emotions from sadness to anger to dismay over the unnecessary and unjust killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the countless other Black lives that have been taken. We at Habitat join our community in mourning. Seeing the ravage of the abhorrent injustice and inhumanity of these killings calls us to stand firmly in solidarity with the Black community. Understandably, emotions are running high right now and what we have seen in the last weeks reflects an accumulation of racism, institutional challenges and systemic inequities most of which have gone unanswered and are very often ignored. We are a nation in pain.

We at Habitat Greater San Francisco commit to work together toward housing justice and to be better allies, listen, speak up, take action and partner with our brothers and sisters working on the front lines of racial, economic and societal injustice, as well as work to support our Habitat families.

As CEO of Habitat for Humanity International, Jonathan Reckford, so eloquently shared this week, “We know, too, that so many of the Habitat family — our staff members, volunteers and perhaps most of all the people we serve — are impacted by these protests and the injustices they call attention to. And that as Americans, we are all called to face the difficult questions raised to the forefront of this national conversation. Habitat can help be part of the answer. Wherever we work, Habitat for Humanity has always sought inclusivity and has often served as a place where people holding disparate views can come together in common cause”.  Habitat for Humanity was born on a farm in South Georgia on the theory of radical inclusivity, at a time when inclusivity was seen by some as an existential threat. It’s a vision of a world we still believe in and fight to build every day. The time for change is now.

We seek to keep our focus on solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and keep our hearts open and our voices raised against injustice and racism.

With humility and gratitude,

Maureen Sedonaen

CEO, Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco

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