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Interested in becoming an Americorps?

AmeriCorps is the national service initiative that provides community service opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds. Through their service, AmeriCorps members address critical needs in local communities. Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco works with AmeriCorps members to build homes and relationships with our partner families and volunteers.

Each year, Habitat Greater San Francisco welcomes anew group of AmeriCorps members who serve as team leaders, trainers, supervisors and community ambassadors. The AmeriCorps members are an integral part of our team, both on the construction site and in the office.Through their efforts and service, AmeriCorps members increase capacity for the organization and allow us to serve more local, working families and communities.

Benefits of being an americorps

- a living allowance of approx. $12,100 for National Direct Members

- $100 stipind for work boots and construction clothes for AmeriCorps Construction Crew Team Leaders

- $900 monthly rental stipend paid directly to the member's landlord

- $150 stipend for classes related to professional development

- Health insurance - this benefit is for AmeriCorps NAtional Direct Members only

- Holiday and vacation time

- AmeriCorps sweatshirt and t-shirt

- Loan forebearance on most student loans

- Interest accrued on qualifying student loans while serving in the program may be reimbursed by the federal government

- Segal Education Award of $5,550 upon successful completion of the program

How to apply to be an americorps

Email your resume and a cover letter to Candidates will be contacted for interviews on a rolling basis.